Peter Elving, Area Director Kraft Foods Nordic (2005)


Stefan has very successfully re-invented the Nordic I/S organization during 2004 and managed to reduce the headcount by 30% while maintaining and improving the over all quality of that department's output. Stefan is very target oriented and he has a very broad knowledge of the business. This combination has been critical as he has been able to question demands from different departments as well as been able to make the correct priorities from a business point of view for his department. He moves fast and he delivered the targets faster than anticipated. Early 2005 he was asked to take over the Supply Chain organisation to improve over all quality and at the same time drive out cost by leveraging the Nordic scale as well as improve the focus on local performance. So far he is on plan to deliver on my high expectations. Stefan is a very strong player in the Nordic team. He is actions oriented and has a strong drive for results. He is strong in motivating others which has been an important part of the fast and successful changes he has made. He also has managerial courage.


Peter Croft, IT/IS Director, Kraft Foods EU (2004)


Stefan has picked up his new role quickly and made excellent contribution and has exceeded, in some cases significantly, the majority of his and his departments target this year and shown that they can be delivered on time, budget and quality. He has also delivered a series of additional tasks on top of his responsibility in a professional way. He needs limited direction setting and finds ways to meet the targets and usually deliver above them. His contribution at the IS Board has been proactive and supportive as has been his participation in the new GIS organisation. An excellent result.


Rainer Claussen, Program Director SAP STAR, Kraft Foods EU (2002)


Stefan was the key player in the achievements for STAR in 2002. He contributed to the transformation of the functional teams to a much more integrated team, using his expert technical skills and his outgoing style to lift and enthusiasm team members at all levels. He has been extremely positive all year and kept good sense of humour even in tough phases of uncertainty. He is comfortable operating at senior lever in a major organisation and respected for his expert skills at Board Level.


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